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Keeping in view the group's name the truth is that they have no connection to Siberia or even the whole of Russia.  The famous Trans-Siberian Orchestra is an American progressive Rock Band formed in 1993 by the well-known Paul O'Neil.  Being a lyricist, composer and producer he got the idea to form the band joining hands with Jon Oliva, Al Pitrelli and Robert Kinkel. That is the whole team.  This band is often shortened as TSO.  Eight million tickets sold show the immense popularity of this Orchestra. The band specializes in different music styles; the band reflects wide the band's musical style incorporates classical, orchestral, and thuê xe ô tô đi tỉnh progressive elements.  TSO is widely known for its specialized Christmas Theme Rock Operas like Christmas Eve, The Christmas Attic and The Lost Christmas Eve. The band plans annual winter and fall tours to let the maximum fan enjoy near a place where they dwell.  One of their top historical theme rock operas are Beethoven's Last Night and Night Castle. They group gives high priority to their philanthropist work. They usually offer hefty amounts to various charity organizations.  The unique about their operas are that they are full of rhythm orchestra, grand light shows, colorful lasers, several pyrotechnics, movable trusses, large video screens. The important thing is that everything supports the event its music and that has become the main reason.

The guitarists are up to their limit and perform the way that could not be improvised in any case.  They get full advantage of their long hairs as the fans are really attracted by watching their heads banging and flaring around at the peak of their performance.  They play with their guitars and other instruments they use to perform and move on the stage freely to show their indulgence.  Presently some of the top level musicians tour with TSO and are part of the Band.  Just for a reference the band's lead guitarist has made rocking productions working with Aerosmith. The guitarists had made astonishing stage presence that turns fans into cheering and clapping.  When it comes to violinists the band got two talented and fully experienced ones. They play dashingly and wildly, walk around the stage and the concert venue, and wave the hairs around. They had very remarkable violins that been made exclusively for the genre rock and roll mixed classical music.  Lastly singers' voices were stunning. The girls could mimic any tune and way they sing is loved by the fans around the world. At one time one of them was involved while playing that her hairs got stuck in violin and she continued her live singing without knowing it and even the some violin wires got broke.

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